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In brief and in comic form for your enjoyment.

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Another tiny salute to Harold Ramis

Well I know a lot of people will also be doing this today but I feel I owe Harold Ramis a very personal debt of gratitude, without him I would not be a Browncoat and I certainly wouldn’t be a a proud Geek. These are two things I can’t imagine myself as a full realised person without AT ALL.

When I was a young child all the way back in 1984 I was very much sure I was odd but I did not understand to how to comfortably manifest this in the really real world. Then came Ghostbusters and I finally got it, it was more than OK to be odd in fact the world need odd and strange people to make it a better place to live, to protect it and just as importantly to make it a fun place to inhabit.

I have seen all his films – both directed and acted – and whilst I will in no way say I like them all there are some that have given me belly laughs and they are worth their weight in platinum. Harold Ramis left the Earth a better place for having been in it (in my estimation), in fact that was all I really needed to say. Something to aim for in this and any other life.

Somewhere in the heavens there is a new class 10 full-torso vaporous apparition and I salute you.

So I choose to add him into the pantheon of characters you will see in our little corner of the ‘Verse – Harold Ramis will be playing the Private Investigator Rusty “Gone” Guishi.

Whose the PI who can crack the toughest case? Guishi

Rest Easy ‘Verse cowboy

There are a number of little jokes nestled in this trading card – plot points if you can spot them all.

The ugly tug herself…

So here is the ship herself. She’s ugly, underpowered and over revved (thanks to the pilot who you’ll meet later).

She’s a fair bit bigger than a Firefly class but that just means she can hold more trouble…

She’s a ten credit Companion – she might not look like much but she’ll get you there…

Now here below are her stats – made using the Gencon 2013 preview edition so there’s going to be some changes. She’ll fly crooked but true. Also stay tuned for our upcoming “Out of Gas” flashback episode “She’s made for mud” where we will find out how the ship came to be and how people came on-board…


Hint – she has some nooks, crannies and quirks not all the crew are aware of…

Welcome to our corner of the ‘Verse

Welcome to the adventures of the good ship Parsifal. These is the log of the Firefly RPG campaign “A taken sky” using the new rules from Margaret Weis productions though we will be initially using the Gencon 2013 preview version we will be transitioning from episode 002. To start with I’ll post up the crew. A quandary of a crew… First Captain Loosepants herself.

Isobel Ford - Captain

And her security docket 140220 Isobel Ford_Serenity Questionnaire

Until next time- see you ‘Verse cowboy.